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BuKu - An operating system for your business

About Us

We offer an Accounting and Business management app BuKu for MSME's. We have a view of MSME business ecosystem which we want to build and we are passionately building it. Its called BuKu which is a unified all-rounder accounting, billing and business agnostic app with tremendous network effect which can be leveraged in many ways.

BuKu's core is the simple accounting system (no debit & credit terms) to bookkeep party ledgers, income/expenses, sale/purchase with optional services like inventory/billing, staff, Loan/EMI, AMC, CRM etc.

BuKu is business agnostic and as much useful for new age gig workers, influencers, creators as it is for retailers, traders, distributors, manufacturers, service providers.

Our mission keeps us focused and accountable. Our vision drives us and our values dictate how we succeed.

BuKu Services

Give Loans and Set EMI

Simple and Compound Interest

View Full EMI Schedule

Send EMI Reminders on due date

Recalculate EMI anytime

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Inventory and Billing

Set item low alerts, discounts, tax

Create, share & print Bills on the go

Order Tracking, send reminders

Auto payment accounting

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AMC management

Create/Renew AMC

Schedule Technician Visit

Get On-Site Visit report filled

AMC expiry/Payment Reminder

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Manage Employee/Staff

Mark Attendance

Record Overtime

Give Salaries (Monthly/Daily)

Advance/Udhaar Management

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Other Solutions

Offered as Web based solution with Android mobile application

Company can create its channel upto 3 level

Allocate stock to channel, Receive Stock from parent channel partner, Return Stock

Channel sales is visible till the company

Company can create incentive schemes for its channel

Employee attendance/leave request & approval, location tracking, expense approval

Give feedback, record visits

Offered as Web based solution with Motorola RFID Scanner Application

Create Assets

Manage locations/custodians

Barcode Assets

Assign assets to custodian

Audit assets

Give feedback, record visits

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